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No Error Code Returned

After installing the Wordpress Plugin for, I received an email with this error message but it contains no Error Code or Error Message -

The 1ShoppingCart Plugin for Wordpress generated an error.
Error Code: . Error Message: .

If you are unable to take corrective action based upon the information contained in this error report, please contact Support for assistance.

Without an Error Code, I am unable to take action, what is wrong?

1] Please ensure that you have correctly entered you Merchant ID and Merchant Key into the plugin's settings page.

2] The following link should return a list of your products using the API -{ID}/Products/LIST?key={KEY}

Replace {ID} with your 1SC id and {KEY} with your 1SC key.

Do you see a list of your product id? Go to Step 4 otherwise go to Step 3.

3] The company that is hosting your website is preventing communication with the servers.  Contact your hosting company and ask them to enable CURL for PHP. 

4] Open a ticket with  Send them the link from step 2 and the content from the web page that it returned.

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