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How do I add a View Cart button with the number of items in the basket?

1ShoppingCart does not allow for the interrogation of the cart's contents to return the number of items in the basket. As a work around, retrieve the view cart link from your 1Shoppingcart setup page (instructions below) and paste it into your Wordpress menu using the Custom Links option with the label "View Cart." This will display the text 'View Cart' whether the customer added an item to their cart or not, but it will not display the number of items in the cart.

Document Name: Adding a View Cart button to your website
Publish Date: 2009-06-19

Adding a view cart link to your website is an effective way to allow customers to view the items they have already added to the shopping cart. To retrieve the view cart link simply select Setup >> Site Links. On the view codes page you will see a link titled 'Check Out/View Cart'. This is the link you can use on your website to provide your customers with a view cart option.

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