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How can I create separate pages to list products by category? does not give you the ability to categorize your products within the interface. So, you will need to know the product ids of the products within each of your categories.

For this example, we’ll assume you are selling T-Shirts on your site. You have ten (10) T-Shirt designs. Three (3) of the products are sports designs, three (3) of the shirts are environmental designs and four (4) of the shirts are political designs.

You will create three (3) separate pages on your site, one for Sport T-Shirt Designs, another for Environmental T-Shirt Designs and the last one Political T-Shirt Designs.

In each page, you will insert the WordPress shortcode -

[ es1sc_prodlist prd_ids=”9999901,9999902,9999903″ ]

You, of course, will replace the 9999901,9999902,9999903 product list with the product ids of the products you would like to see on the specific page.

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