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How do I configure the GetShopped2iContact Plugin

  1. You must generate an iContact Application ID to use with the plugin. Go to

  2. Enter GetShopped2iContact into the Application Name field (exactly as shown below).

  3. Enter in a description for your Application. Including your store's website address is a good idea.

  4. Click Get App ID.,

  5. Make sure that API 2.0 radio button is filled, and then click the enable this AppId for your account link.

  6. To allow the Plugin and your website access to the iContact information, iContact needs a password. This needs to be different from your account password.

  7. Then, click Save.


  8. Now you have an AppID that you can use with your website.  Login to your Wordpress site and find the GetShopped2iContact Settings item under Settings in the Wordpress Dashboard.

  9. Click on this GetShopped2iContact Settings link to display the settings page as shown below:


  10. You must enter all three iContact API values before your will see your iContact Lists appear in the iContact List dropdown list box.

  11. To avoid SPAM complaints, you want to let your customers opt-in to your mailing.  Add a field to the checkout form where the customer will check if they want your emailings.  To view the documentation to add a custom field, please go to

  12. You can assign your customers to one general list by selecting a list from the iContact List dropdown list box OR you can subscribe customers to different lists depending upon which product they purchase.

  13. When you're done creating rules, remember to click the Save button.

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