Product List Shortcode - Premium

To list your products on a page or post, use the product list shortcode ( [es1sc_prodlist] ). The shortcode does take a couple of options - prd_ids, sort and link_options. The options are explained below:

  • prd_ids - to display a specific list of product on a page or post use the prd_ids option. Enclose the list of comma separated product ids within quotes as show here -

    [es1sc_prodlist prd_ids="2723132, 9223971,9209291,9084234"]

  • sort - to display the list of products sorted by id, name, SKU, regular price, or sale price. Available sort options are -
    • productid - to sort by product id,
    • productname - to sort by product name,
    • productsku - to sort on product SKU,
    • productprice - to sort on regular product price,
    • saleprice - to sort on product sale price.
  • link_options - this option allows you to add variables to the Buy Now URL for those products listed using the shortcode.  The variables added must use proper HTML entities. The example below illustrates the use of the link_options to add a quick add and an affiliate id to each of the Buy Now URLs for each product listed -

    [es1sc_prodlist prd_ids="2723132, 9223971,9209291,9084234" link_options="&qa=1&afid=12345"]

    The options are slightly different whether you use domain masking or not.  Please see the table below for the differences.

    OptionWith Domain MaskingWithout Domain Masking
    Affiliate ID&af=12345&afid=12345
    Ad Tracking&ad=12345&adid=12345
    Quick Add To Cart&qa=1&qa=1

    Please note: the link options must be preceded with the ampersand (&) as show above "&qa=1&afid=12345".  Failure to include the the ampersand could cause your link to fail and not add the product to the cart.

    For more link options using the domain masking please search the Knowledge Base for the document entitled - Domain Masking URLs.

    For more link options NOT using the domain masking script, please search the Knowledge Base for the document entitled - Change product or affiliate link behavior.

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