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  1. By default the plugin uses the 2 Step Checkout. How can I use the 1 Step Checkout?

  2. Can I Display Products in Grid Format?

  3. Can I link my category product list with individual product pages? Yes? How?

  4. Configure Plugin

  5. Does this plugin support

  6. Error Codes

  7. How can I create separate pages to list products by category?

  8. How do I add a View Cart button with the number of items in the basket?

  9. How do I configure 1ShoppingCart for Domain Masking?

  10. How do I configure the GetShopped2iContact Plugin

  11. How do I get the shopping cart page to show up in the Wordpress theme?

  12. How Do I Install the Free 1ShoppingCart Plugin for WordPress?

  13. How Do I Install the Premium 1ShoppingCart Plugin for Wordpress?

  14. I click on the Add To Cart button and get 404 Not Found Error. What’s wrong?

  15. I Want My Sale and Featured Products To Display Differently. Is This Possible?

  16. I’m not using Domain Masking. What do I enter in the Buy Now URL?

  17. No Error Code Returned

  18. On sale items, I like the idea of showing how much the customer would be saving, but must it display both percent and dollars?

  19. Product List Shortcode - Free

  20. Product List Shortcode - Premium

  21. Product Not Found

  22. Shortcodes

  23. Shortcodes

  24. Video Installation Premium 1ShoppingCart Plugin for Wordpress

  25. What are Placeholders (free version)?

  26. What are Placeholders (premium version)?

  27. What images come with the plugin?

  28. What is the difference between the free and premium plugin versions?

  29. Where can I get more help with the installation?

  30. Where Can I Get My Plugin?

  31. Where is my MID?

  32. Will this plugin work with all 1ShoppingCart packages?

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